Monday, July 23, 2007

Rosy Footman, Farcet Fen

Rosy Footman, Farcet Fen, 21 July 2007

This is one of thos species I've longed to pull out of my moth trap but given its habitat preference for wooded areas I thought it very unlikely out here on the open fen (despite the line of elsm by the house). But, as I was sifting through the less than spectacular overnight catch for the 21/22 July, my Sunday morning was significantly brightened up by this belter which was not only a tick for me but also a first for my 5km square (TL29sw). According to Barry Dickerson's most recent Hunts list (7 June 07), this is the 49th record for Hunts/VC31 (depending if any others have been caught sine 07/06/07!) which surprised me. I know they are a localised species, but I thought they were commoner than our VC31 records suggest.

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